It’s started, we are under way. Do come and see us!

Next Wednesday 16th August, is Specialist Day. The professionals that are so kindly supporting us with the project will be on site from around 1000 – 1400. Do come along with your questions, queries, artefacts, finds etc and pick their brains.

Check out how the days will run and read on to find out where to find us.

0900 – 0930 arrival time Read the sheet provided by Britannia Archaeology and sign their  induction register. Check the notice board and read the notes for visitors etc., particularly regarding your safety etc. Please sign the visitors’ book, we like to know how many have visited each day. If you are just coming for the day, arrive as soon as you can as places for digging will be limited.

0930 Martin Brook from Britannia Archaeology will outline where we are and what we hope to do during the day. 

1200 – 1300 Lunch break

1300 – 1500 Afternoon session

1500 Dan McConnell will give an end of day talk. Please note that on Fridays, this talk will be given at both dig sites, starting around 1500 on the far side of the lake.

Anyone just coming to have a look and see what we are doing are very welcome. If you are a Friend, please show your card as you arrive. If you are not a Friend, please place at least £1 in our collection bucket, thank you. Read the sheet Note for Visitors.

We hope to be able to offer a guided walk round, telling you what has been happening etc., but you are welcome to walk around by yourselves.

Please stay outside the dig areas themselves – there will be ropes marking this area. The trek to the other dig area is quite long and is around the other side of the lake. Please make sure you stay within the way marked path and all children under16 are supervised at all times.

Find us here: