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The newsletters will appear from November to June and contain up-to-date news about the project as well as some light-hearted items . Send us your jokes, Roman facts etc to Your contribution may appear in the next issue!!

Volume 3 Issue 4 February 2019 Vol 3 Issue 4 Feb 2019 Special Edition Aug 2019 A special edition giving details of the Aylsham roman Experience 2019

Volume 3 Issue 3 January 2019 Vol 3 Issue 3 Jan 19 who we are, Kiln Project, and more thank yous

Volume 3 Issue 2 December 2018 Vol 3 Issue 2 Dec 18 thank yous, printed articles and dates for your diary

Volume 3, Issue 1 November 2018 Vol 3 Issue 1 Nov 18 some Facebook comments, ARP 360 world and the Kiln Project

Special Magazine Edition Schools’ Week Magazine 2018 Read about our very successful Schools’ Archaeology Week

Volume 2, Issue 8 May 2018 Vol 2 Issue 8 June 18 A super month, report from Julie Curl and what the fox cubs did

Volume 2 Issue 7 May 2018 Vol 2 Issue 7 May 18 Where we are digging, good news from Tesco, potters needed

Volume 2 Issue 6 April 2018 Vol 2 Issue 6 April 18 Geophysics, ARP clothing, open air talk

Volume 2 Issue 5 March 2018 Vol 2 Issue 5 March 18 Donations, photographs and goodbye to Claire.

Volume 2 Issue 4 February 2018 Vol 2 Issue 4 Feb 2018 Special Edition Aug 2018 How to become and a Friend and take part in the Aylsham Roman Experience 2018

Volume 2 Issue 3 January 2018 Vol 2 Issue 3 Jan 18 More about Woodgate, many more dates and a nosy muntjac

Volume 2 Issue 2 December 2017 Vol 2 Issue 2 Dec 17 How it all began, diary dates and a chance to get involved

Volume 2 Issue 1 November 2017 Vol 2 Issue 1 Nov 17 A look at our first year, the dating of Kiln 1 and who the the goddess of hinges was.

Special Magazine Edition Gronmoad magazine 2017 Read Gronmoad Tales, stories written by children from John of Gaunt Infant and Nursery and Bure Valley Junior Schools, both in Aylsham.

Issue 8 June 2017 issue 8 June 2017 Find out Teresa’s favouorite colour, our busy month and kiln building.

Issue 7 May 2017 Issue 7 May 2017 Check out how Catherine became interested in archaeology, where you can find us in June and a paw print.

Issue 6 April 2017 issue 6 April 2017 Read a message from Peter, find out how Dan of Britannia Archaeology spent his holidays, and start preparing for our Tesco Bags of Help Grant!

Issue 5 March 2017 Issue 5 Mar 2017 Special Edition Aug 2017 Read how to become a Friend of Aylsham Roman Project, how to pay and participate in the Aylsham Roman Experience August 2017 and what you might get involved in doing during the three weeks which begin on Monday 7th August..

Issue 4 February 2017 issue-4-feb-2017 Details about the summer dig are included, report of our two talks and picture of the month!

Issue 3 January 2017 issue-3-jan-2017 Read what made Martin of Britannia Archaeology get interested in archaeology, our two up-and-coming talks and Claudius’ third wife!

Issue 2 December 2016 issue-2-dec-2016 Find out about Britannia Archaeology, bacon rolls, who Gronmoad is and what crawled across a tile!

Issue 1 November 2016 issue-1-nov-2016 Read about our fantastic award, why our newsletter has this name and why old tights are important!