During the project, different companies and people will be working with us to ensure we get the most from what we find. Read on to see who they are. Any reports etc can be found by clicking on the links directly from the drop-down menu, or by clicking the links included below.

brit-arch-logoBritannia Archaeology

Britannia Archaeology LTD, based at Bury St Edmunds, are working with Aylsham Roman Project to lead and inform all the volunteers in the digging, excavating, cleaning etc on the site. Their enthusiasm and willingness to explain, help and generally put young and old at ease is boundless. Without them, we would be lost!

During our work with them, they will be producing regular summaries and reports which can be found here.

To access Britannia Archaeology website click here.


Julie Curl of Sylvanus – Archaeological, Natural History and Illustrations Services  – is based in Norwich. She provides a variety of inputs to many different groups but for the Aylsham Roman Project she has been looking at the bones we have discovered. Although few, due to the acidic soil, what she has been identifying has been exciting. Her knowledge is vast and her enthusiasm is catching. She is looking at the dog skull we found in the summer, named Gronmoad in a competition, and will be giving us more details as time progress.

While visiting to look at this, Peter showed her a tile he had found which had some markings on it. What she has found by looking at this in depth is extraordinary.

Julie has now become a regular visitor, looking at various other tiles Peter has found and identifying a variety of animals that were living here in Roman times. Hopefully she will be with us in the summer, too, doing some of her wonderful drawings, helping to identify finds and giving impromptu talks . All of her reports can be accessed here.

To access Sylvanus website click here.

site-logoARP – Kiln Project 2018

A full report about our kiln project can be found here aylsham roman project kiln project report 2018. Our video ARP Kiln Project 2018 can be found on our YouTube site.