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“Over the last forty years, I have been picking up pieces of Roman pottery, coins and other artefacts from my garden and the surrounding fields – sometimes it seemed as though every molehill and rabbit burrow turned up another fragment of the past. 

A couple of years ago my curiosity finally got the better of me and I invited Britannia Archaeology to undertake a geophysical survey of the area. Their results were every bit as exciting as I could have hoped…

…The question was what to do next.”

Peter Purdy, land owner, January 2016

“The project has been the friendliest and most inclusive of excavations and the enthusiasm of everyone involved has been overwhelming. Despite the many volunteers who were new to archaeology, the work has been carried out to an extremely high standard, and everyone has gained new archaeological knowledge.”

Marsh Award for Community Archaeology November 2016

“The Aylsham Roman Project is an outstanding example of a successful community project, enabling local people of all ages to engage with and safeguard their important regional heritage.

The Project is one of major importance in relation to our long-term understanding of the Roman presence in the region. It is already providing a valuable window into the past,  and the project will eventually enable a unique insight into the workings of Roman rural Norfolk.”

Dr John Davies, Chief Curator, Norwich Castle, January 2017

“The Aylsham Roman Project is the kind of site you wish to find but very rarely do. The project is a joint effort between the local community and professional archaeologists allowing a level of interaction not normally achieved. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with everybody on this amazing project and we have been humbled by the feedback we have received. You have all made this something we will remember for the rest of our lives.”

Martin Brook, Director, Britannia Archaeology, January 2017

“I have enjoyed getting to know the people of Aylsham through the Roman Project and am very excited by the discovery of a new Roman landscape, villa and pottery production centre. The on-going research will significantly add to our understanding of the area in Roman times and enhance our understanding of past lives.”

Alice Lyons,  Pottery Specialist, January 2017

“It has been a real pleasure to get involved with such an interesting project and wonderful to have the chance to help and work with such a lovely group of people (and a fabulous dog!). The enthusiasm of everyone involved has been overwhelming and an inspiration. The Project will enhance our knowledge of the Roman occupation here in Norfolk and it has already begun to yield a wealth of information on both the human activities and the surrounding environment during the Roman period.”

Julie Curl, Sylvanus – Archaeological, Natural History and Illustration Services, January 2017