Future Events

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How much longer do we have to wait?

Monday 1st/2nd October Kiln Field We are going to build a kiln! We will be on the field on these two days preparing the base of the kiln. It could get messy so worth coming along and support us. Between 0930 and 1430 – make a pot to fire in the kiln. Donation, towards the clay appreciated.

Saturday 27th October Bric-a-brac sale at Woodgate Nursery, 1000 – 1600. Please look out items for us to sell. We are rasing moneyto buy some chairs for a portacabin that will be arriving on the site very shortly. No furniture, no clothing including shoes and hats, no oversized items such as anything that would require two or more people to lift or carry – we need to stay fit for the summer! –  no perishables including food and drink. Bring to the Nursery from Saturday 13th October onwards

Monday 5th/Tuesday 6th November Kiln Field Packing the kiln and firing overnight. Grand opening on Friday 9th November 1000