During the project, different companies and people will be working with us to ensure we get the most from what we find. Read on to see who they are. Any reports etc can be found by clicking on the links included below.

Britannia Archaeology

Britannia Archaeology LTD, based at Bury St Edmunds, are working with Aylsham Roman Project to lead and inform all the volunteers in the digging, excavating, cleaning, recording etc on the site. Their enthusiasm and willingness to explain, help and put young and old at ease, is boundless. Without them, we would be lost!

BA Reports


Julie Curl of Sylvanus – Archaeological, Natural History and Illustrations Services  – is based in Norwich. She provides a variety of inputs to many different groups but for the Aylsham Roman Project she has been looking at bones and paw prints on tiles. What she is identifying is very exciting. Her knowledge is vast and her enthusiasm is catching.

Sylvannus Reports

Aylsham Roman Project

In November 2018, we built and fired a replica Roman pottery kiln, based on our two Roman Kilns discovered during Year 1 and re-excavated during Year 2

Read the report here and view our YouTube video here

Aylsham Roman Project

In July 2022, we refired our replica Roman pottery kiln, with great results once again.

The 2022 video can be viewed here on Youtube