Who we are

Project Director: Peter Purdy

Administrator and General Dogsbody – Sheila Denny

Project Coordinators:  Deborah Boldero, Jan Davies, Donna Davison, Sheila Denny, Diana Duhig, Colin Young

Finds Coordinators: Maggie Bewley, Jan Davies

Concordance – Donna Davison

Dig coordinator and Loo Lady: Diana Duhig

Dig Team Leaders – Deborah Boldero, Donna Davison, Colin Young

Dig Can We Help?-ers – anyone wearing an orange bib

Welcome Tent: Alice Leftley, Chris Straughan, David Dobson, Diana Duhig, Diane Christie, Enid Parry, Gill Peabody, Iona Folliard, Jane Peabody, Julie Curl, Lynne Janes, Marcia Bell, Maz Chadwick, Moya Myerscough, Nikki Lake, Pauline Young, Sara Latham-Bell, Shelley Hudson, Sue Strutt, Wendy Sadler

Drawing and Recording: Donna Davison, David Owen, Colin Young

August Refreshments: Leanne Brown, 1st Aylsham scouts, and helpers

Metal detectorists: Ralph Dewar, Dominic Pecheur, Colin Young

Video and Photography: Sheila Denny, Peter Purdy, Philip Sapwell, George Straughan, Colin Young

General Handy Men: John Christie, George Straughan

First Aiders: Deborah Boldero, Jan Davies, Sheila Denny, Diana Duhig, Diane Christie, John Christie, Peter Purdy, Colin Young

Tuesday morning group: Marcia Bell, Maggie Bewley, Marion Bibby, Julie Curl, Diane Christie, John Christie, David Dobson, Julie Butcher, Jan Cole, Jan Dawson, Sheila Denny, Rosie Dickens, Diana Duhig, Suzanne Harris, Anne Holdgate, Philip Kingsford, Sara Latham-Bell, David Owen, Enid Parry, Elaine Wilson, Sue York, Colin Young

With grateful thanks to John Brown and the 1st Aylsham Scouts for the loan of the marquees, tables, chairs, and for cutting the grass.

Not forgetting Britannia Archaeology, without whom we would never have known what lies beneath the ground here at Woodgate and all other professionals who support us throughout the year.