The Aylsham Roman Project is a community-orientated organisation. Our aim is to explore and preserve the history of the recently uncovered Roman settlement, involving the local community at every possible stage, whilst also maintaining a professional approach both to the excavation of the site and the publication of our findings. We also aim to make the entire process accessible to members of the public, who might not have had any previous experience in heritage or archaeology. To achieve this we hope to maintain a friendly and approachable association, and produce publications not only for the archaeology community, but for schools, our own volunteers and the general public.

Following a trial trench in December 2015, the first community dig, led by Britannia Archaeology, took place in August 2016. This is the story of our journey…..

Trial Trench December 2015 – We have a feature!

Further history about the land at Woodgate, Aylsham can be found here.