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These are the people at BA who make sure we dig to such a high standard and the other specialists they use to support us in other key aspects of the project – thank you one and all, we couldn’t do it without your expertise and enthusiasm.

Martin Brook (Director) 14 years’ experience, handles logistical project management, archiving and fieldwork. Research interests are focused on the British Iron age specifically funerary traditions in the south of England and in East Yorkshire.  Martin specialises in metalwork finds from this period.

Dan McConnell (Director) 29 years’ experience, former county Archaeologist for Cambridgeshire, research interests focus on the early pre-historic period (in particular the Neolithic) of the British-Isles and late post-medieval archaeology. Specialist in lithics and post medieval clay pipe. Dan’s favourite archaeological period is the Late Neolithic – Early Bronze Age transitional period.

Matthew Adams (Director) 13 years’ experience specialises in all areas of practical field work, running numerous projects both large and small.  He is also an experienced surveyor, GIS and AutoCAD operator.  Research interests focus on transitional periods and include the late Iron Age and early Romano-British period.

Matthew Baker (Project Officer) 9 years’ experience, skilled in archaeological excavations and geophysical surveys, his research interests involve metal production technology with a focus on the Late Bronze Age – Early Iron Age transition which is also his favoured archaeological period.

Key Specialists involved with the ARP

Julie Curl – Animal and Human Bone, Illustrator           Alice Lyons – Pottery

Adrian Marsden – Small finds, Coins + Metalwork       Beta Analytic – C14


The Aylsham Roman Project Periodical – Spring and Summer 2017, produced by Britannia Archaeology  is now available.

ARP Periodical – Spring Summer 2017

BA 2017
It would be great to find the rest of this!

The latest Geophysics report from Britannia Archaeology – Woodgate House, Aylsham, Geophysics Phase 4 is now available to download.

Aylsham Geophysics phase 4

Geophysics report
Will it ever stop raining?

The Aylsham Roman Project Periodical – Winter 2017, produced by Britannia Archaeology  is now available.

Aylsham Roman Project Periodical – Winter 2017

Kiln 1 looking up from the rake pit


The Aylsham Roman Project Periodical – Autumn 2016, produced by Martin Brook and Dan McConnell of Britannia Archaeology Ltd, can be downloaded from here:

Aylsham Roman Project Periodical – Autumn 2016

Blessed with good weather

 A round up of our digging season from 2016, produced Martin Brook and Dan Ncconnell of Britannia Archaeology Ltd:

Aylsham Roman Project Season 1 – Summer 2016

The last day August 2016