Julie talking about some finds

Julie Curl, an ARP Friend, visits us regularly during the year, comes to our fund raising events and is with us for as much of the August Dig as she possibly can. Apart from being on site to identify finds as they are discovered, she is always willing to talk about and show people what has been found. Her in-depth work is giving us a fantastic picture of what has been happening at Woodgate over the last 1700 years. Her work and enthusiasm is much appreciated – wonder what she’ll discover next……?

Julie has had two of her reports, Environmental Evidence and Pine Marten, published in the Norfolk Bird and Mammal Report 2016, produced by the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists’ Society, ISSN 0375 7226, price £12. Thank you, Julie.

Pine marten paw print on ceramic material Not all of the foot has registered, but this can vary depending on movement of the animal and on the consistency of the surface taking the print. Since this discovery, a further print has been found in the Kitchen Garden, this time of a female.

Animal bones in Archaeology and ARP Although our soil is rather acid, we have found some bones. The dog skull, and further dog bones, is from a pit discovered between the two kilns. We gave her a name, please welcome Gronmoad.

Environmental and Domestic Animal Evidence Julie visits regularly and checks ceramic riles and building material. This is her report about what has been found so far.

Beaver Tooth Amulet A single lower incisor from Beaver (Castor fiber) was found in the waste pit close to the Roman kilns at Woodgate. The tooth had been heavily worked, cutting it and trimming to produce a small rectangular piece just under 25mm in length, with a point at one end. Roman Beaver finds  are rare and this object is the first known Roman Beaver from Norfolk.

Ceramic tile with animal marks When Julie looked carefully into this tile, she saw, coming up from the bottom, marks of a great crested newt. Coming from the top, were fox cub prints. The newt did not make it any further! This tile would have been put out to dry during May when the fox cubs are emerging from their nest.