What’s Been Happening Yr3

“We know where we’re going and we know who’s going with us….”, but where have we been?? Scroll down to find out……September 2018 onwards, our third year

Tuesday 20th November 2018 Our first morning of getting ourselves sorted ready to look at this year’s finds. It was wet, cold and windy but did we mind? Of course not!

tidying 20 11 18
Wet and cold but still smiling!

Wednesday 14th November 2018 Our Social Event last night was a great success and a chance to meet up with Friends again who have become friends. A review of the year and a chance to watch videos and presentations, we also launched our ARP 360 world provided by Virtronix. Fly around our site and click on the many links by clicking here. Many thanks to Aylsham High for the use of rooms and to Jules Country Kitchen for the very tasty food.


Tuesday 13th November 2018 The first meeting in our new building. A small group listening to Andy Fawcett from Britannia Archaeology talking about how to identify pottery.

Monday-Friday 5th-10th November 2018 We have successfully fired our kiln which was opened today at 1000. 221 pots of varying sizes appeared as we removed the clay covering. We spent Monday night on the field stoking the fire and trying to keep the temperature up. We didn’t get it all to the highest temperature, but all pots survived. A fantastic project. Huge thanks to all involved in any way, but particular thanks to John the stoker and Beryl the builder for her expertise and support throughout the project. A full report will appear later on.

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Thursday 1st November 2018 A trip to St Benet Hall in North Walsham this time and a talk to the North Walsham Historical Society. Peter talked through how it had developed and brought them up to date with this year’s finds. Thank you all for being so generous and do come and see us next August.

Monday 29th October 2018 Further kiln base mending took place this morning and more clay mixing. Who needs BBC prime television viewing when we have our own champions of Strictly Come Puddling!

Saturday 27th October 2018 Bric-a-brac Sale Woodgate Nursery It was a wet cold day so no photos, but thank you to all who came and helped and kept us going by buying bits and pieces. Between this and the collection box in the Nursery, by the middle of the week we will have 15 chairs in the portacabin, Fantastic.

Tuesday 9th October 2018 We now own a building! Due to some very generous donations during the summer, we have been able to purchase a secondhand portacabin. This arrived this morning, a week early, (apologies to anyone caught in the traffic outside Woodgate this morning, not our fault). Once powered up, this will be used for washing, cleaning, meetings etc and storing finds in the summer.

Monday – Wednesday 1st-3rd October 2018 Our adventure into buidling our own kiln has begun! A happy band of volunteers mixed clay, manure and straw by puddling it (jumping up and down on it and singing silly songs!!), lined the base with it, added a brick pedestal and created a perforated floor by covering hazel withies all with the help of the lovely Beryl.

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Tuesday 25th September 2018 Another talk in Aylsham Town Hall, this time for the Aylsham U3A group. It was lovely seeing so many people and sharing our new video from Virtronix for the first time. A lovely lot of pens were bought, thank you!

Tuesday 25th September 2018 We’re going to build a kiln but we needed some clay. We didn’t find any but great fun was had all the same, even if one person did all the work and when he couldn’t take anymore, hugged a tree!

Wednesday 12th/19th September 2018 Peter was at the Aylsham Heritage Centre working with Jayne Andrew, Learning Officer, and children from Bure Valley School, washing, weighing and sorting some of the finds and recording them as part of their project on building a website.

Thursday 6th September 2018 Thursday saw the start of Peter delivering talks about this year’s dig. Aylsham WI welcomed him to their September meeting at the town hall to share the discoveries of this August and look at some of the finds. Thank you for the flowers – and the delicious shortbread!